Daily Guitar Practice

Daily Guitar Practice

This is just one of many ways to practice the guitar.  Is really important to set up the goals and organizing the time practice. This sample for 35 minutes practice.


-. 5 minutes warm up (play one or two major scale up and down in 8th note, play in slow tempo arround 60bpm with alternate picking for right hand)


-  5 minutes practice the scales (major, minor, blues etc) Play the scale up and down using metronome.  Don't start right away play really fast, start everything in slow tempo 

   then you can speed up little bit later.


-  5 minutes practice the arpeggio up and down (major, minor, dominant etc)


- 10 minutes practice the song you think you need to practice most.  Sometimes you don't need to practice the whole song all the time, sometimes just pick the particular

   bars you need to work on.


- 10 minutes Jammin arround on the song you working on, if you can use the backingtrack that will be great.  Have a good practice!! laugh