Ibanez Artcore AK 100 NT

Ibanez Artcore AK 100 NT

This guitar really good & very comfortable to play with.  The neck very smooth and easy, nothing big issues on this guitar, I change the strings once since I bought it and it tune very well.  The only thing is, it had a little vibrate on the pickguard when I play first string arround B or Bb note but I tight the little screw under the pickguard & the vibrate stop. The pickups very nice, it called Super 58 very clear and balance, the acoustic sound really good.  Overall this is great deal guitar with good quality & affordable price.  I think this guitar already discontinued but still see the used one arround.  Thanks.

Ibanez AK 100 NT specification : 

Nut: 6 string, W43, R305, ivory

Machinehead: die-cast, gold, white acryl half moon button, L3R3 (Discontinued & Stock only. Substitute in piece unit: 2MG0024L-GDP for the left of headstock, 2MG0024R-GDP for the right of headstock)

Tailpiece: goldBridge: full-acoustic with wood saddle with inlay (Gold)

Pickup ring: AG, AK (14Fret, Full-aco) ABS(Ivory), set

Control knob: Rosewood, bell shape, snap on

Truss rod cover: for Artcore Custom, Rosewood, with Custom logo

Pickguard: ARTCORE (maple, nickelT) with Gold blacket

Strap button: gold

Switch cap: for Toggle, ivory, Plastic

Pickup: SUPER58 custom humbucker neck (Gold)

Switch: gold, Round, Plastic, 3 way toggle

Potentiometer: B500K, D16, D7.8 / L10 + L8, knurl shaft,

Potentiometer: A500K, D16, D7.8 / L10 + L8, knurl shaft, soldered 333 cap

Capacitor: film, 0.022uF

Output jack: Open, 6.3 mm, Mono with nut and washer, gold